Fully Illustrated Step-by-Step Construction Manuals
 Construction Manuals include:
  • Trunk Material & Tool List
  • (Price before you build!)
  • Trunk Finishing Ideas
  • (3 different ways & cost)
  • Basic Plans
  • (Orthographic drawing)
  • Plywood Layout sheets
  • (Have the lumber yard help!)

  • Each Step of Construction
  • is Fully Illustrated with
    written instructions.
These are written for people with general carpentry skills.
Easy to read Step by Step instructions are printed on
8-1/2" x 11" paper. They are approximately 20 to 36 pages
long depending on the Elite Tack Trunk or Cabinet Design.

  How much do these Elite Tack Design Plans cost?
        Deluxe Armoire Cabinet plans  - $42.00 
        Armoire Tack Cabinet plans      - $42.00
        Western Tack Cabinet plans      - $42.00       
        Total Tack Cabinet
plans           -  $42.00
 Go & Show Caddy plans            - $32.00
        Basic Tack Trunk plans             - $32.00       
 Basic Tack Plus plans                 - $42.00
        Western Tack Plus plans            - $42.00
        Total Tack Trunk plans              - $42.00     

Plus Shipping / Handling:  We add a mere .80 for Priority Mail or
                                              $1.20 for your 1st Class Mail order.

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  Priority Mail - USA
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  How Do I finish my Elite Tack Trunk/Cabinet?
Tack Trunk/Cabinets may be finished in 3 different ways, depending on the builder's carpentry skills and budget. The following ways are just suggestions, naturally the final decision and method is up to you.

        1. Unfinished:  with one side finished plywood, no stain, no paint and no satin polyurethane.

        2. Finished:  with two sided finished plywood, stained or painted outside, stained and 
            satin polyurethane inside.

        3. Plastic laminate:  (Formica), with one side finished plywood, Plastic laminate outside,
            stained and satin polyurethane inside.

  What kind of tools do I need to build an Elite Tack Design Trunk/Cabinet?
Have your local lumber yard make the major cuts for you. Their table saw will make your cuts parallel and at right angles. The lumber yard may charge you a fee per cut, but it's worth it and makes the handling and transporting the lumber easier for you.

Carpentry Tools (Helpful but not necessary)
Table Saw (Bench Saw)
Skill Saw (Circular Saw)
Saber Saw (Portable Jig Saw)
Power or Hand Drill
Drill Bits
Belt Sander
Orbital Sander
16" x 24" Steel Framing Square

12" Combination Square
Nail Set
Phillips or Regular Screw Driver
4-in-Hand Wood File
Metal File
Hack Saw
Tape Measure

  How much will the materials cost me?
Calculate your basic material cost by using the Materials Needed list at the bottom of each
Elite Tack Trunk/Cabinet page. (Basic Tack Trunk shown below)

What hardware will I need and where do I get it?
Most of your Elite Tack Cabinet/trunk hardware can be purchased at your local Home Depot, 
Lowe’s, ACE Hardware, lumber yard or similar type stores near you.

All Elite Tack Design trunk/cabinets are design for Grooming Tote Boxes. They are molded rubber/polymer plastic, 17"L x 11"W x 11"D
Dover Saddlery carries this size if you need one.

All cabinets and the Total Tack Trunk use Plastic Storage Crates
(Milk Crates). These slide out storage crates are used for a variety
of equestrian items. Crates are approximately 11h" x 13w" x 22d" .
You may want to purchase these crates at your local housewares department store before you start construction.

All cabinet/trunks use 2" and 1-1/2" STANLEY Piano Hinges.
They come packaged in a variety of lengths with screws and are usually offered in a chrome or brass finish.

The Basic Tack Trunk, Basic Tack Plus, Western Tack Plus and
Total Tack Trunk require Lid Latches. These come in a few different style/designs depending on the manufacture.

 All cabinets and the Total Tack Trunk use 2” Swivel Casters. accept
 the Go & Show Caddy, which used 2-1/2" Non-Swivel Casters.
Casters are mounted with Carriage Bolt, Lockwasher, and Nuts. 
The Basic Tack Trunk requires no casters.

All cabinets/trunks use a Hasp Lock to secure them. We prefer to use a marine hasp lock, which comes in either chrome or brass. These cost a bit more but will add a high quality look to you cabinet/trunk.

Basic Tack Trunk and Basic Tack Plus will require 2 STANLEY
3-1/2" Chest Handles. All others have no handles because of their
design and size.

All cabinets, Basic Tack Plus and Total Tack Trunk use 2 Standard Vinyl-Coated Bridle Brackets. These may be purchased at you local tack store or thru an equine equipment catalog.

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