Mrs. Whit Prophet of Ontario Canada was kind enough to send pictures of her Basic Tack Trunk construction to Elite Tack Design. She purchased the plans in mid October and with the help of a friend, built this trunk for her daughter Rebecca and her horse Sheldon.
It was completed just in time for Christmas.
We were very impressed with the trunk finishing touches!
The trim and paint, this gives it a real quality look.
We would like to thank Whit and Rebecca for sharing their pictures with Elite Tack Design.

Material Cost:    Plywood ................$60.00 (US)
                            Formica.................$60.00 (US)
                            Aluminum Trim......$60.00 (US)
                            Graphics (Vinyl)....$40.00 (US)
Time Spent on Construction:  Approximately 20 to 25 hours
Purchasing a comparable Tack Trunk in Canada, would cost about $600.00 (US)

Trunk Base Assembled

Left Panel Assembled

Right & Rear Panels Assembled

Hatch Wall Installation

Front & Left Panels Assembled

Trunk Lid Assembled

Sliding Drawer Assembled

Trunk Lid (Formica & Trim)

Trunk (Formica & Trim)

Trunk Lid Attached

Trunk Lid Latch Installation
Trunk Lid Open
Just in time for Christmas
Open and ready to be loaded
Rebecca on Sheldon